Searching for an old german music video

by Boyana
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Hello all, I am hoping you can help me. I am searching for an old 90’s music video, played on VIVA music television in Germany.

Before describing you the plot, I want to give DISCLAIMER that I do not like and support what its show in the video. I need to find it to make a point of argument that violence is not good no matter its perform by women or man.

The title was in German and I am NOT sure because I do not speak any German, but it sounds like a manly man or something like that. The music video scenario is about a very skinny guy who goes out on a date with women and after they finished dinner they go home and apparently prepare to have sex. But after undressing women start beat man up. She is very masculine looking. In the end, they have a hug and lie in the bed together, looking happy.

If you find it or know the German name of the song or its performer, please contact me: [email protected]

Thank you in advance.

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