Song / Beautiful smooth female voice

by Paul

I heard this song on the Foxtel menu page for all the programs in the menu.

She has a very smooth clear voice

I have tried very hard to catch what she is saying in the lyrics

but I can't say for certain what the lyric is only close to what it sounds like she is saying so maybe that can be helpful if you know a song where its hard to make out the words being sung it could be the one.

So main clue is i heard it on the Australian Foxtel pay tv menu of channels.

Important : The words she is saying may be different to what i think i am hearing IT IS NOT CLEAR To my ears.

Here is something like what i think she is singing

I feel life or love or light ?

Yeah ! repeats a lot Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah 5or 6times

Then she sings again

I feel ( or see) light,love life, < one of these not all

then Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah

later in the song, there is a little instrumental for about 30 seconds then back to repeating

I feel life or love or light ? (one of these words not all 3)

Yeah ! repeats a lot Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 5or 6times

There is a verse she repeats a couple of times after the 6 yeahs i cannot at all hear what those words are.

she sings that line maybe 3-4 time sin the song.

Hope you can help name this song ? Ive been searching for it for a few years :D

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Jun 19, 2018
by: Paul

I found my song in the foxtel music section chn 845 ( Chillout Lounge) where the songs overlay the menu options for the channels.
Song Name: Nocturnal Trip
Artist: Alpha X

The song is found in Spotify and also on Itunes

you definitely have to be in the mood to play a song like this. I Hope this info is helpful.

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