Song by a contemporary male country singer wanting to make us appreciate the life we have and not be envious of others.

by Sara
(Little Rock)

I can’t remember the title of the song, or even any of the lyrics, but the jest of the song was that you shouldn’t envy someone for the life you THINK they have, because they may have issues you had no idea about.

I remember the video which had the singer sitting on a stool playing his acoustic guitar in a darkened room. While he was singing it showed different scenes, such as a beautiful woman, a man in a suit who looked rich, but towards the end of the song the beautiful woman took her hair off (it was a wig), making her look like she had been taking chemo therapy, another woman was shown to be sitting in a wheel chair and the man with money in his hand set it on fire(maybe signifying he had a gambling problem or something similar.)

I saw the video on GAC top 20 countdown and the announcer said that the singer usually sang fun songs, but this was a song that he hoped was taken seriously.

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