Song from 2007-2010

by Nelliel
(Belmopan )

I remembered a song today but I honestly can’t remember the name. I hardly remember any lyrics.

It was a video they showed on vh1 during the years mentioned in the title.

I remember a dark bar or something. The singer played the piano I think. I remember a scene in the rain. Something about a silhouette for a girl that walked in that he was trying to forget or get over but she came right back into his life.

I remember her dancing in a dress (maybe those were lyrics) and I remember… Stars?

I’m sorry this is so vague. I’m doing my best to remember it.

I think I remember him trying to drink to forget about her. But she came to talk to him. I could be wrong about that detail.

She followed him somewhere. Down the street? Down a dimly lit street. Or dim streetlights. Something.

Oh well, thanks for trying to help =)

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