Song from the 90s played on flava videos – somebody said

I saw the song twice back then when i was a teen. There were 3 asian women (one rapped, one was on guitar and one on keyboard) women and one black dreadhead dude on guitar. The video switches between them and animation. In the animation they have this little blue pet thingy sitting on the lead singers shoulders blowing(kinda whistling on beat) the base was decent if not classified as heavy

some of the lyrics

somebody said to have a nice day to me.
the situations outta control, and even i dont understand it
or why its feeling really good to me.

and now im feeling u, and from the looks then you be feeling me too oh yeah.

I know u see me looking, (lookin) staring in your eyes, and i was hopin(hopin) that youd stay in my life, cause i really think i

am crazy, everyone is so sweet
(crazy) theres dancing in the street
(crazy) people acting so nice…oh my, i think im (crazy)

i wanna know, i wanna know is it crazy? yeah yeah they tell me (crazy) spending time with old friends
(crazy) i hope it never ends

crazy-the way its feeling when youre next to it (crazy)
and how you keep it real and not stressin me (is it crazy)
i know, i know you want the best for meeee yeah (crazy)
thats why i wish we could always be…..

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