Song from the early eighties…

This is driving me nuts…. And I apologise as I am not able to provide you with any where near enough info…

This was a pop song with maybe a little bit of a new age vibe. It as popular on American pop radio in the early eighties, or possibly the late seventies. It was a mostly piano keyboard driven song. It was similar to the Flock Of Seagulls song, Space Age Love song, in that it had that slight echoey sound to it.

The only bit of the lyrics I remember came during the chorus:

Bee Doooo, be do bee Doo, this is the night, this is the night, beee

The bees and doos are substitutes for whatever the actual words were of course.

Oh, and for some reason I have pictures of a cartoon of like a neon outlined fifties couple dancing in the video, but that could be unrelated.

Sorry again I don’t have more to go on, this tune is haunting me…


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