Song in movie Paid In Full

by MLB [email protected]

There is a song played over the start of the ending credits of the 2002 movie “Paid In Full”.

Some of the lyrics are
“If you want a million dollars, put your hands up, If you Like sex, put your hands up, And if you want a million dollars, throw your guns up, And if you like sex pull your n*ts up”.

The voice seems to sound a little like B-Real from Cypress Hill. But the song I couldn’t find on any soundtrack version. Nothing lists the songs in the score and I couldn’t find anything like it from Cypress Hill, B-Real, Louis Freese.

Anyone figure out who sings this song? I assumed that since I only recently saw this movie that came out in 2002, someone would have wanted to know the song/artist since its pretty good.
Thanks for any help.

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