Song – Long, sustaining aaah’s, oooh’s, and woooah’s, with guitar.,

by Liam

– The song is at a slower tempo.
– Sounded like soft rock, maybe from the 70’s-90’s
– I couldn’t tell if the voice was a man or woman, and it sounded a bit like Michael Jackson.
– I heard it on my friend at work’s playlist, but it was mixed in with all sorts of classic rock songs.
– just barely sounded like the Metal Gear Solid singing girl:

There is a high voice that sings “aaaaah” and waits a few beats and then “oooooh”, and that repeats throughout basically the whole song (I think the notes of the aaah’s was: d’-c”-b”, with the b sustaining). I think I remember the song containing other lyrics as well, but I don’t remember any of them but the word “her”, and the guy singing about his plans he had for her, and his broken heart, or something like that.

Behind the aaaah’s, there was also a moving guitar riff going on throughout the song. I think it was either an electric or bass guitar. About halfway through, there is a fairly large key change. The wailing guitar and vocals continue, but stay in the new key. The vocals sounded like maybe more than one voice, but I’m not sure. It also had a kind of echoey or ethereal sound to it.

I just vaguely remember hearing this song in the past, and I assume it was a popular song back then. I asked my friend what the song was called, and he said “Her Song”, but I couldn’t find anything under that title that was what I was thinking of. I know for a fact that this song exists, but I just can’t find it. Thanks!

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