Song – One man singing with “lala,lalalala” chorus

Its a old music, probably american. I dont remember if was from 60s 70s or 80s, but probably 60s/70s.

The music starts calm with a single man singing slowly. Then, in just a few seconds, the music starts to be faster. He sings something louder, almost screaming, then starts a “semi-fast” instruments, with the most thing I remember that was a chorus, probably by women singing or men/women, that is like “la,la,lalalala…, la,la,lalala…”. The music is almost all with this “lalala” and the man, who seems to have like 40+ years old singing “semi-loudly”.

Its not rock, rap,… I just can say thats a popular music in an brazilian radio, that plays the most requested songs. I can say that they played some song by George Harrison just before or after this music.

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