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Song Questions:

So, have you searched this site through song titles and years but have not been able to find an answer to one of your song questions or music video questions? Are you still asking yourself “what’s the name of this song?”

Maybe you are trying to find out about a certain song, singer, band or music video but you only remember some vague information about it. Or, maybe you are looking for something that is fairly rare or that may just be too hard to find without some additional help. Whatever the case may be, have you still not been able to find out the name of that elusive song or video?

If you have tried the Search functions on the other pages to find a song and still haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, you can submit your question on one of these pages!


It is quite possible that one of the other site visitors will know the answer to your question or will be able to guide you on how to find it. These pages can be great song finder tools for you.

So, if you are looking for additional song help or music video help, go to one of the pages below.

(And if someone gives you the answer you are looking for in your song search or if you are able to find it yourself, please consider posting it as a comment to your question so that you can help others too.)

And, most importantly:

Please be sure to check these pages periodically and see if you can help answer any of the questions posted by other site visitors. “Pay it forward” and someone may be able to help you out later too!

Note: Links within the submissions are not guaranteed safe, so clicking on them will be at your own risk.

Note: Submissions may be deleted after one year.

Music Video and Song Questions

Click “Find A Song” (for songs, singers, bands, etc.) or “Find A Music Video” below to get help with finding either a song, singer, band or a music video:

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To all site visitors:

Have you noticed any popular songs that are not listed on this site?  Do you know of some songs that you feel should be listed on any of the theme pages?

Feel free to submit them (along with the artist name and year, if you know them) here – just notate that you are submitting the song info to be added to the site.

I try to double-check all songs I add to this site. So, if your submissions are appropriate for this site, I will add them in the near future.

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