Song with guy shouting/ singing and like a backing vocal of a group of women making uh noises

So this song I have one specific part stuck in my head.

So the guy shout sings WHYYYY and the group of people in the back go like UGH and he goes WHYYYYYYY again and they’re all UGH and he yells again I LOVE YOU then the backing goes UGH again and he’s all I STILL LOVE YOUUUUUUU and then he does this kind of shouty WWWAAAAAAAAAAAH but like not a metal scream like yes literally just singing it really loud.

I think it’s quite an upbeat song. There’s trumpets in the background and the the drum and the rest of the instruments all play a note on the ughs and in the last wooaaaaaah bit they slowly build up.

Unfortunately that’s all I can remember. I feel like it might have been in a movie at some point. His voice kind of reminds me of a raspier MikA. I have a feeling it’s a kind of indie rock song. Kind of similar to Mika again a bit like toploader and black kids so like 2000s ish Unfortunately I can’t think of much more about it.

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