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Abracadabra (abra-abra-cadabra, I wanna reach out and grab ya) – 1982 

Bongo Bongo – 1985

Circle Of Love – 1981/1982 

Cool Magic – 1982 

Fly Like An Eagle (I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me) – 1976/1977

Gangster Of Love – 1968 

Give It Up – 1982 

Going To The Country – 1970 

Heart Like A Wheel (I’ve been loving you for so long, you are the one) – 1981 

I Want To Make The World Turn Around (I don’t want to live in a world of darkness, I want to live in a world of light) – 1986 

Jet Airliner (big old jet airliner don’t carry me too far away, big old jet airliner ’cause it’s here that I have to stay) – 1977 

Joker, The (some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love) – 1974 

Jungle Love (jungle love it’s driving me mad, it’s making me crazy) – 1977 


Living In The U.S.A. (doo doo doo doo – doo doo doo, living in the U.S.A.) – 1968/1974 

Nobody But You Baby (nobody to tell me ‘bout me and you, Oh baby nobody but you baby) – 1986/1987 

Rock’n Me (keep on rock’n me baby) – 1976 

Shangri-La – 1984 

Space Cowboy – 1969 

Stake, The (nobody loves you like the way I do) – 1977 

Swingtown (come on and dance; let’s make some romance) – 1977 

Take The Money And Run (this is a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue, two young lovers with nothing better to do) – 1976 

True Fine Love (I ain’t complainin’ but I’d sure like to find me a true fine love) – 1976/1977

Wide River – 1993 

Wild Mountain Honey (you don’t even know about wild mountain honey) – 1976 

Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash – 1974 

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