This rap song has been bothering me because i just can't find it!

Ok, so about a year or so ago, I was watching a youtube video which was a try not to rap challenge. At one point of the video, there was this one song that I found really catchy...but now i camt find it! I don't know the name, the artist or even any if the lyrics. Because if that it has really been bothering me. But i do have a few details.

I remeber it definitely had a music video. It had a chubby black dude with dreads rapping. In one scene, he was in a chair in a dark room with an orange jail jumpsuit saying something along the lines off "".

Around that point he was walking along a fence rapping. In terms of the sound, he was actually very calm and relaxed. The comments on the video at the time I remebered it were saying that it was like a real song talking about real issues in the world. Then the beat changed as soon as it went to the scene above.

I know its not much to go off of but I got an answer. Thanks in advance!

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