Trying to find a japanese music video

by AliArt

I'm trying to find this one music video. I don’t know what the name was (it was in Japanese text). I remember the video having art style similar to evangelion the sitting take place in a school. there was storm and one of the characters had a band-aid one side of their face. ‬

In the end of the video shows the island where sitting take place have two hills looking like a butt. There some parts in the music video where the animation did not look smooth.

It not a new music video but, I think it was uploaded around 2010 (I’m not sure when it was uploaded). I saw the video on YouTube, I thought I saved it. There's a chance the video was either deleted or became region restrictive.

Here are the scenes I remember, noted not all the stuff I mention is in order or accurate.

- it starts in a nurse room, with the nurse putting a band aid on a kid in the room. there was an other guy there. ANother scene has a kid throwing a baseball to the kid who has band aid on his face, he catches the ball. The same kid who throws the ball, later fights the band aid kid in the middle of the a classroom.

That all the stuff I remember, sorry for my bad grammar and the long writing.

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