Two music videos from 2009-2012

by Ian

I am looking for two interestingly filmed music video clips as we are about to film something with friends. I can not remember their name and no one I asked so far knew.

I have seen the first video in 2009 or 2010 but it might be even few years older. There was a male singer who acted as different persons like skateboarder, repairman, driver and even hit himself by a car if I remember well. The genre was like popular indie, trip hop or pop and it probably was a very popular song that time. The video seemed to me well filmed with a good idea behind. The song was quite popular so you could perhaps saw it somewhere.

The second music video might be harder to find. I have seen it on Youtube or Vimeo maybe in 2011. It was filmed indoors in a flat or a house. The camera was very much focused on faces of singing artists. It was most probably a collaboration of different artists. They walked through a kind of party in that flat as there was a lot of people and they opened several doors to different rooms. Like with the first video, I liked the idea, it seemed well filmed but this song was maybe not that popular as the first one. It was definitely not a mainstream pop, it might have been indie or a kind of alternative or hipster. One of the artist had beard, other might have been black. I think they were singing something like aaaaaAAAAA in the chorus and tried to smile and be positive. The atmosphere seemed to me as filmed from Beirut or Israel but it could have easily been a European city.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you for your time.

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