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All Fall Down (I woke up to find that the world had gone mad and we’d all fall down) – 1986 

All In One Day (all in one day when the hands reached out across an ocean everywhere) – 1986/1987 

All Stood Still (we stood still, we all stood still) – 1981

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (dancing with tears in my eyes, weeping for the memory of a life gone by)- 1984

Hymn (give us this day all that you showed me the power and the glory till my kingdom comes) – 1982

I Am Alive (I am alive and this is my destiny, the king is calling – I am alive) – 1993 

Lament (in stillness in sorrow returns that softly sighing lament) – 1984 

Love’s Great Adventure (standing on my own, it didn’t mean that much to me) – 1984

One Small Day (one day where every hour could be a joy to me, and live a life the way it’s meant to be – one small day) – 1984 

Passing Strangers (we were talking, passing strangers)– 1980 

Reap The Wild Wind (you take my hand and give me your friendship, I’ll take my time and send you my slow reply) – 1982

Same Old Story (telling me the same old story – stories of love – stories and lies – stories of love – the same old story) – 1986 

Sleepwalk (rolling and falling, I’m choking and calling) – 1980 

Slow Motion (we held each other close in the night while we wheeled away in our own light) – 1978/1981 (reissue) 

Thin Wall, The (and those who know will always feel their backs against the thin wall) – 1981

Vienna (it stays with you until – the feeling has gone only you and I, it means nothing to me – this means nothing to me oh Vienna) – 1980/1981/1993 

Visions In Blue (portraits and pictures you once saw, visions in blue) – 1982/1983

Voice, The (the shape and the power of the voice) – 1981 

We Came To Dance (we came to dance making moves from a passion play) – 1982/1983

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