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Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (ain't talkin' 'bout love, my love is rotten to the core) - 1978

Amsterdam - 1995 

And The Cradle Will Rock (and I say rock on; have you seen junior's grades?) - 1980 

Beautiful Girls (all I need is a beautiful girl) - 1979 

Best Of Both Worlds (I want the best of both worlds) - 1986

Black And Blue - 1988 

Cabo Wabo - 1988 

Can't Get This Stuff No More - 1996/1997 

Can't Stop Lovin' You - 1995 

Dance The Night Away (ooh baby baby won't you turn your head my way, ooh baby baby come on take a chance you're old enough to dance the night away) - 1979 

Dancing In The Street (there's an invitation across the nation) - 1982 

Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) - 1995 

Dream Is Over, The - 1991/1992 

Dreams (that what dreams are made of) - 1986/1993 (live) 


Everybody Wants Some!! (everybody wants some, I want some too) - 1980 

Feels So Good - 1988/1989 

Finish What Ya Started (come on baby finish what ya started I'm incomplete, that ain't no way to treat the broken-hearted) - 1988 

Fire In The Hole - 1998 

Full Bug, The - 1982 

Hot For Teacher (got it bad got it bad got it bad I'm hot for teacher, got it bad so bad I'm hot for teacher) - 1984 

House Of Pain - 1984 

Humans Being - 1996 

Ice Cream Man - 1978 

I'll Wait (are you for real, it's so hard to tell, from just a magazine) - 1984 

In 'N' Out - 1991 

It's About Time - 2004 

Jamie's Cryin' (oh-woh-woh Jamie's Cryin') - 1978

Jump (I might as well jump) - 1984/1993 (live) 

Little Dreamer - 1978 

Little Guitars - 1982 

Love Walks In (love comes walking in) - 1986 


Man On A Mission - 1991/1992 

Me Wise Magic - 1996 

Mean Street - 1981 

Mine All Mine - 1988 

Not Enough - 1995

(Oh) Pretty Woman (pretty woman walking down the street, pretty woman the kind I'd like to meet) - 1982 

One I Want - 1998 

Panama - 1984 

Poundcake - 1991 

Pretty Woman (Oh) (pretty woman walking down the street, pretty woman the kind I'd like to meet) - 1982 

Push Comes To Shove - 1981 

Right Now - 1991/1992 

Runaround - 1991

Runnin' With The Devil - 1978 


Secrets - 1982 

Seventh Seal, The - 1995 

So This Is Love? - 1981 

Summer Nights - 1986 

Take Me Back (Deja Vu) - 1995 

Top Of The World - 1991 

Unchained - 1981

Up For Breakfast - 2004 

When It's Love (how do I know when It's love? I can't tell you but it lasts forever) - 1988 

Where Have All The Good Times Gone! (so won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?) - 1982 

Why Can't This Be Love (its got what it takes, so tell me why can't this be love) - 1986

Without You - 1998 

Won't Get Fooled Again (live) - 1993 

You Really Got Me (girl you really got me goin', you got me so I don't know what I'm doin') - 1978 

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