Video depicts a man on a horse, a woman in a white dress, in a forest/woods/among trees. Seen on Music Rulz on MTV in Romania, on October 26th 2016.

by Joe

I was listening to a song on MTV on October 26th 2016 (I think it was on Music Rulz) in Romania. I instantly liked it, but I successfully miserably failed to memorize the name of the artist or the song itself. I do however remember a number of details from the music video:

The action was unfolding in a forest of some kind, in the woods...among trees. There was a man on a horse, a woman dressed in some kind of white dress, somehow similar to a wedding dress. I don't remember ever seeing the woman riding the horse, she was just walking through the forest, spreading her arms at times and looking up. There was also a dog hopping around in the forest, together with the woman and the rider. And the last detail I remember is that the song wasn't sung in English, it could've been Spanish, but I'm not entirely sure. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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