What is the name of the music video where a girl is dating an alien/monster/parasyte/bug?

Music Video

It is a soft rock music I think, with accustic guitar and vocals. The song sounds soft, but the music video gets a little disturbing.

It starts with a girl speed dating and while the human guys do not interest her, she falls in love with some alien bug thing. That thing is a little bigger than a basketball, they start dating and it sits on her shoulder.

They have their highs and lows in the video, but in the end she gets to the hospital and gives birth to many little flying bugs, which attack all the other people at the hospital.

The video didn’t seem too old, I saw it on youtube, about 4 Months ago.

I tried all kinds of searches with keywords from my description, but I really can’t find it. It would be great if someone knew it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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