what song sung by woman singer with catchy sunshine and beautiful day word

the song has ‘sunshine’ and beautiful day’ words on it’s lyrics, the tempo is fast, it is actually catchy song but i forgot how to humming it now maybe because i cannot catch the melody quite fast,

the song is sung by woman singer and it is not Natasha Beddingfield (pocketful of sunshine), it is some sort of song that i guess in between 2000 until now maybe in the 2018. I heard this song on my local radio station at Malaysia. I heard this song like around 2 pm.

I believed it is american song because mostly my country station radio played english songs from america. I think it is pop song because the melody and tempo quite fast, very catchy.

I have been searching it but it is all goes to wrong result, like many results i get the song is bit old like from 1960, the song sung by man singer which is I believed is totally wrong because the song that I heard is really sung by female singer. I think the song is sung by female singer with age like avril lavigne, demi lovato, miley cyrus, taylor swift, katy perry and some sort of female singer with age around 20 to 30 maybe.

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