What’s That Song? How to Identify Songs That You Hear

Get this… The average American spends 24 hours listening to music every week. That means that, if you’re like most people, you literally spend a full day taking in the sweet sounds of whichever artist you’re digging.

That’s a lot of time listening! And you know what… With all of those songs, chances are, you occasionally run out of good tunes to play.

That’s why so many of us jump up when we hear a cool jig playing in a commercial, in a department store or while we’re eating at a restaurant.

But what’s that song that’s playing? How can you find out for sure so you can add it to your Spotify, Apple Music library, etc.?

There are a few song ID strategies that you can leverage. Here are our favorites…

1. Shazam

Shazam is the original song ID app so we wanted to give it the first slot on our list of suggestions.

Using Shazam is simple.

Download the app on your smartphone. Grant it access to your phone mic. Click the identification button when you hear a song that you like.

Within seconds, Shazam will tell you what the song’s name is and who it’s by.

2. “Hey, Siri.”

Don’t want to download another application on your phone. It may be that you don’t have to.

As it turns out, Apple has built a “what’s that song” solution right into its operating system.

If you hear a song that you like and have an iPhone, you can simply say, “Hey, Siri. What’s that song?”

Siri will then try to ID it.

3. Take to Social Media

If for whatever reason you can’t use an app to ID a song but you have its tune in your head, take to social media.

Put up a Facebook video, upload a YouTube video, post in your Online Bingo Games messages section or do anything else that allows you to share what you know so friends can help you out. Chances are, someone out there will be able to give you the answer you’re looking for.

4. Ask on Forums

If your friends have no helpful information for you, as a last resort, take your music search to strangers.

Reddit has music forums where you can describe your song and other users will try to help you find it.

Just be sure to be polite when enlisting the help of strangers. Also, be aware that you may get some ribbing from people as strangers have the occasional tendency to be curt online.

Wrapping Up Our “What’s That Song?” Suggestions

Ever find yourself scratching your head wondering, “What’s that song?” If you have, leverage our tips to get your questions answered!

And for more fun tips and tricks on how to work around life’s little issues, browse more of the content on our site today.

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