Where ya at? you going to miss it tunnel video

by Wayne
(lawrence, ks)

all i remember is its a 1990s to 2000s video. It starts in an apartment (daytime) with a guy getting a call on a flip phone from a girl asking where is he at and that he was going to miss the show. film cuts to the phone and it shows a scene of a tunnel with band setting up.

Guy jumps out the window as the music starts, lands on a car below and various scenes later (one of which he flipped off a loaded flatbed semi-trailer) he comes up to a tunnel. it is now dark has he is entering the tunnel (similar to what they used in Back to the Future) and traffic is congested due to the stage blocking the tunnel. girl calls again and asks where you at just as the guy gets to her.

Had a pretty upbeat tempo. Color video, non-animated. Saw it on either MTV or VH1.

i dont remember who sings it, what genre it is or anything else. Been buggin me for several months now. hopefully someone recognizes the description.

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