Who-Sang-That-Song – About This Site

Who-sang-that-song? I’ve heard that question a lot in my life, and I’ve always loved answering it. Why? Because I LOVE music!!!

My first memory of music was jumping on the bed to my parents’ “old” Beatles album, Rubber Soul. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Music has helped me through a lot of things in life, and I still love all types of popular music to this day. I even have this funny little habit of remembering when certain events took place in my life by what songs were on the radio at the time.

I created this website through a wonderful program called Solo Build It (SBI) (see my SBI Review here) in 2007 to help people easily find out who sang certain songs. And through experience, I’ve learned that a person may want to know who sang a song but has no idea what the song title is. So, I’ve also listed some song lyrics to help you recognize some of these songs.

Resources: In addition to the radio, albums, CDs and my music memory, I have found a lot of song information for this site from the following sources: Billboard’s Hottest Hot 100 Hits book (Fred Bronson), The Book of Hit Singles (Dave McAleer), The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wonders (Wayne Jancik), Rock Movers And Shakers (Dafydd Rees and Luke Crampton), billboard.comwikipedia.orgdiscogs.comazlyrics.com, maguireonline.com, usatoday.comrockonthenet.combillboardtop100of.com.

I hope you find who-sang-that-song.com fun and useful. I still have a LOT more songs and features to add, so please check back regularly and enjoy who-sang-that-song!

Sherry Ochoa-Rounkles