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Am I Dreamin’ (am I dreamin’, am I just imagining you’re here in my life) – 1998 – with Ol’ Skool

Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The (you just run to the arms of the one who loves you, you just run to these arms and these two arms will keep you warm) – 1998 

Can’t Hang (even though you claim that you’ve been around, I betcha can’t hang) – 1995

Do Like Lovers Do (and meet me at my house to do like true lovers do) – 1995

Do You Want To (do you want to like I want to be in love with you, say you do) – 1995 

Feels So Good (clap my hands stomp my feet, every little thing that you do to me feels so good feels so good) – 1995 

Is My Living In Vain (is my living in vain, is my giving in vain) – 1993

Just Kickin’ It (this is what I tell my dude, I tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet) – 1993 


Keep On, Keepin’ On (keep on keepin’ on cause you came and you changed my world) – 1996 – with MC Lyte 

Love On My Mind (I’ve got love on my mind, I knew it’s the way to make things right) – 1993/1994

Memory Lane – 2018 – Xscape

My Little Secret (it’s on everybody’s mind about you and I, they think so but they don’t really know or wanna know that you’re my little secret) – 1998 

One Of Those Love Songs (this is one of those love songs that you hear in the middle of the night) – 1998

Softest Place On Earth (baby you can be the first inside the softest place on earth) – 1998 

Tonight (holding you tight all through the night) – 1993/1994 

Understanding (what I need from you is understanding) – 1993/1994

Who Can I Run To (who can I run to? to share this empty space, tell me who can I run to? when I need love) – 1995 

Work Me Slow (take your time and work me slowly) – 1995

Your Eyes (your eyes they tell me secrets that you – you can’t deny) – 1998

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