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Like Zombies music? Check out these popular songs by the Zombies…


Can’t Nobody Love You (can’t nobody love you like I’m loving you right now) – 1965 

I Want You Back Again (I want you back again, since you have left me I’m all alone) – 1965 

Imagine The Swan (for the colors are gone you’ve become kind of gray and you’re not like the swan that I knew yesterday) – 1969

Is This The Dream (is this the dream you’re crying for, is this the dream) – 1966 

Just Out Of Reach (just out of reach, time has changed you – I can see) – 1965 

Kind Of Girl (the kind of girl who says to me she doesn’t want my love) – 1965 

Leave Me Be (until I can think about her without feeling sorry for myself, you better leave me be) – 1964 

She’s Coming Home (and so I’ll cry no more I’ll dry my tears, she’s coming home to me) – 1965 

She’s Not There (well it’s too late to say you’re sorry – how would I know? why should I care?, please don’t bother trying to find her she’s not there) – 1964/1965

Summertime (it’s summertime and the living is easy) – 1965 

Tell Her No (and if she should tell you “I love you” and if she tempts you with her charms, tell her no no no no no no no no no…) – 1965 

This Will Be Our Year (this will be our year, took a long time to come) – 1968 

Time Of The Season (what’s your name? who’s your daddy?, is he rich like me?) – 1969 

Way I Feel Inside, The (should I try to hide the way I feel inside my heart for you) – 1965 

Whenever You’re Ready (whenever you’re ready – whenever you’re ready; you’re not teaching me a new thing) – 1965 

You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (I don’t like you but I love you, don’t want to be thinking of you) (cover version) – 1965 

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